Impact of Justice Kissoon decisions is all encompassing, he is the good news in situations where culprits run amok

Dear Editor,

I have nothing but praises for Justice Sandil Kissoon who for the second time in recent months has shown that an upstanding law-abiding judge can make a difference.

He recognised the foolishness implied in Government’s attempt to absolve Exxon of their responsibilities in event of an oil spill. Mr. Editor Karma bites, Politicians often hold unto a foolish principle of non-interference, but I guess it is time Dr. Keith Rowley, puts on his geologist sınır and advises the Doctors in the PPP administration on this issue, as his government continues to search the sea/ocean for the Solo Creed.

Anyhow Justice Kissoon from all appearances seemed to be an Outlier in Caribbean Jurisprudence as he pronounced on what most Guyanese saw of the Government’s copying up to Exxon as Share Eye-Pass.

To demonstrate that it was not a fly by night occurrence that first demonstration of Testicular Fortitude he mesmerised the all-knowing AG when he pronounced that School Children of Guyana deserve better than the Doctors in the PPP administration was preparing to rule out – Online Education maybe fearing it would be in the piss poor mode of GOAL.

Justice Kissoon ordered Mediation between the Guyana Teachers Union and the Ministry of Education. Exxon is not absolved from the crisis Justice Kissoon’s decision has deflected from the children of Guyana, in fact the future progression of the nation. Since Exxon started pumping oil, cost of living has skyrocketed. There is no need to belabour why this is so. A response to the rising Cost of Living is visible on the labour market.

Today, labourers on construction sites are easily making more than many Trained Graduate Masters. Yes, those billion-dollar contracts are drivers on the labour market, while all this is going on one hears the absurdity of those in administration telling Technical Teachers to wait until 2027, when recent graduates are earning almost double their salaries working as welders, carpenters …

As an aside the wage labourer is not obligated to dress properly, more often than not the criteria for his/her employment are not as stringent as required for those responsible for preparing our children to be good citizens and to participate in the workforce of tomorrow.

The impact of what young Justice Kissoon has done in those two decisions is so all encompassing that there is hardly an area of national importance that is not impacted, in other words Justice Kissoon is simply good news in a situation where the culprit oil is running amok.

Yours truly
E. McRae