JAMAICA | Safeguard Employees Amidst Port Management Changes Fitz Jackson tells Gov’t

The People’s National Party is expressing deep concern over the potential impact on current employees amidst the government’s decision to subsume the Port Management Security Limited (PSML) under the Customs Department.

The Opposition has been alerted to actions indicating the termination of services of Ports Management Security Limited (PMSL), a subsidiary entity of the Port Authority of Jamaica.

Member of Parliament for South St. Catherine Fitz Jackson highlighted that the PMSL was born out of the September 11 event in the United States and came into operation in 2005 as a non-conspicuous entity responsible for numerous interceptions of arms, illicit drugs and other contrabands entering the country through our seaports.

The recent interception of 64 guns and nearly 1000 rounds of ammunition underscores the crucial contribution of PMSL to national security.

The Member of Parliament said the decision to integrate PMSL’s services into the Jamaica Customs department, with public applications being solicited, raises concerns among its over 85-member team.

“There appears to be a lack of provision for current employees who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and effectiveness in their roles. The success in intercepting yasa dışı goods was not solely due to the collaboration with the JCF and Jamaica Customs, but also owed greatly to the specialized skill set and professionalism of the PMSL team”, said Jackson.

The Opposition emphasizes the need for transparent and fair processes to safeguard the interests of PMSL employees. With many individuals having served for over two decades with impeccable records, it is imperative to explore options such as secondment arrangements to incorporate them into the Jamaica Customs department without compromising operational integrity.

Failing to consider the fate of these committed individuals would not only be unjust but also detrimental to the nation’s security efforts.

Fitz Jackson, MP, urges the government to prioritize the welfare of PMSL employees and ensure that any restructuring measures are implemented with due consideration for those affected.

Penalizing citizens for their effective service would undermine the integrity of our institutions and erode public trust. (WiredJA).