Message from the President of Cricket West Indies on International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day, Cricket West Indies proudly celebrates the remarkable progress we’ve achieved in championing gender equality and empowerment within our cricketing community. Since assuming office, we have embarked on a transformative journey of inclusivity, recognizing and valuing the exceptional contributions of our female athletes.

In the past year, we have taken significant strides to ensure gender parity within our ranks. Notably, we announced that members of the West Indies Women’s Squads would travel business class for all long-haul international flights and enjoy single-room accommodations for international assignments, aligning with the policies for the Men’s teams. This progressive step has led to a substantial increase in the women’s budget, surpassing USD 500,000.

Furthermore, we launched the inaugural Women’s Cricket Academy in Antigua, a pivotal initiative aimed at nurturing and cultivating the immense talent of our region’s female cricketers. This investment underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering growth and excellence in women’s cricket, inspiring generations to come.

Additionally, we initiated A-team tours, commencing with a tour to Pakistan in October 2023, providing invaluable exposure and experience to our emerging talent.

A momentous occasion awaits at the 2024 West Indies Women’s regional cricket tournaments in St. Kitts and Nevis, where the winners of respective competitions will carve their names in history. The CG United Harika 50 Cup winner will receive US$20,000.00, while the T20 Blaze winner will be awarded US$10,000.00. These significant prize monies emphasize our dedication to elevating the stature of women’s cricket and encouraging stellar performances.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to Captain Hayley Matthews, a true luminary in West Indies cricket. Named ICC T20 player of 2023 and ranked number 1 in T20 all-rounders and number 3 in ICC ODI all-rounders, Hayley’s achievements epitomizes the unparalleled talent and potential within our women’s cricket.

Cricket West Indies remains steadfast in its mission to achieve hisse parity by 2027, as outlined in the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding. We are resolute in our commitment to empowering women in cricket and fostering a more equitable and inclusive sporting environment.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Cricket West Indies, Happy International Women’s Day!

Dr. Kishore Shallow President, Cricket West Indies