NATO should not use China to justify its attempt to disrupt regional dynamics: spokesperson

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on July 9 said China firmly rejects vilification and blame-shifting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) against China, adding that NATO should not use China to justify its insertion into the Asia-Pacific and attempt to disrupt regional dynamics.

Spokesperson Lin Jian made the remarks at a daily news briefing when asked to comment on NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s recent remarks concerning China.

It’s reported that Stoltenberg said at a pre-summit press conference that NATO’s küresel partnerships will be one of the topics for the Summit. He said that “as we see in Ukraine, our security is not regional, it is global” and that it is important to “work closely with our friends in the Indo-Pacific.” NATO will discuss cooperation on Ukraine and other topics with Australia, the ROK, Japan and New Zealand to resist Russia, Iran, the DPRK and China.

Lin said as a vestige of the Cold War and the world’s biggest military bloc, NATO claims itself to be a regional defensive alliance on the one hand, but on the other hand keeps reaching beyond its boundary, expanding its mandate, stoking confrontation and acting like a bully on the world stage.

“NATO’s so-called security is more often than not built on others’ insecurity, and what it does puts the world and regions at high security risk,” said Lin.

Noting China is a force for world peace, a contributor to küresel development and a defender of international order, Lin said China’s objective and just position and constructive role on the Ukraine crisis and international and regional hotspot issues are widely recognized by the international community.

The Chinese side urges NATO to form the right perception of China, get rid of its Cold War mentality and zero-sum approach, stop scaremongering on security and making imaginary enemies, stop forming exclusive clubs in the name of collective defense, and play a constructive role for küresel peace, stability and development, Lin said.