OP-ED: Guyana’s Slide into Darkness the Consequences of PPP’s Inept Governance

by Shane Headley
Almost daily blackouts have become a grim reality for the citizens of Guyana, citizens are frustrated and inconvenienced and daily life is now becoming a struggle. While many would like to attribute these power outages to mere technical glitches, the bitter truth is that they are a direct consequence of the ineptitude and political favoritism rampant within the PPP-led government.

The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) is just one glaring example of the rot that has set in under the PPP’s reign. The government’s decision to dismiss competent management and replace them with political cronies has proven disastrous. Instead of prioritizing efficiency and reliability, the new leadership as we would say, “just ain able”

But the malaise doesn’t stop at GPL. Across every major institution in Guyana, we witness a similar pattern of decay. Competent leadership has been systematically replaced by political hacks whose only qualification seems to be their allegiance to the ruling party. The consequences of such appointments are dire, with essential services deteriorating rapidly under their watch.

It is indeed madness that PPP supporters would willingly endorse such incompetence at the ballot box and then have the audacity to protest when faced with the inevitable consequences. Let us be clear: GPL’s failures are not isolated incidents but symptomatic of the larger rot within the PPP government. To feign surprise or innocence is to turn a blind eye to the reality that the people of Guyana are suffering due to their own folly.

Soon, the consequences of PPP’s misrule will become even more apparent. New roads, touted as a symbol of progress, will crumble under the weight of neglect. Hospitals, meant to provide quality healthcare, will falter, offering substandard services to those in need. The water authority, already teetering on the brink of collapse, will further erode public trust with its inefficiency.

And let us not forget the sorry state of education under Priya Manickchand’s lackluster leadership. Instead of nurturing the minds of the future generation, our education system continues to slide into mediocrity, handicapped by political interference and neglect.

Make no mistake: Guyana is on a dangerous path under the PPP’s rule. While supporters grumble and the media remains silent, President Jagdeo’s weekly dose of propaganda serves only to perpetuate the illusion of progress. But the truth is obvious, the people of Guyana are getting the government they deserve.

The PPP government of Guyana must be accountable for their actions. The future of our nation depends on it. It is time for the people of Guyana to wake up from their slumber, to demand better, and to reclaim their right to competent governance. Guyana is rapidly sliding into a valley of destruction.