Our land-grabbing, or land-claiming, neighbour Venezuela

Dear Editor,

Due to my vision disability, I have been unable to study the research paper made available to me on the behavior of our land-grabbing, or land-claiming, neighbour Venezuela. However, I must suggest to the general population that our neighbor seems to always act with some feudal constitutional event of its own making or under its control. With the elections in Venezuela coming up very shortly, we should try to imagine what will happen next in the repertoire of claims.

They may intend to act before the election date to stir enthusiasm among that portion of the population that relies on their false claims to Essequibo. If not, they intend to use the election as their declaration of the referendum results to justify some action of a more physical nature—a more actual occupational nature to support their claims to occupy Essequibo. It will surprise no one if intelligence agencies in the region concerned with the Venezuela-Guyana dispute are at this very moment coming to conclusions, guesses, or exchanging information about the kind of stunt the Venezuela administration is likely to stage based on and after the conduct of these general elections.

Guyana will not lose by such an awareness and vigilance.

Yours respectfully,

Eusi Kwayana