Amanza Walton-Desir Addresses Inaccurate Statements in Demerara Waves Article

Georgetown, Guyana – Amanza Walton-Desir, Attorney-at-Law and member of parliament, has issued a formal statement addressing inaccuracies in a recent article published by Demerara Waves. The article, dated May 25, 2024, titled “PNC/R says no kanunî hurdles for operating in the US; calls NAR’s refusal to obey instructions a power grab,” contains statements attributed to PNC/R PR Director Sherwood Lowe, which Walton-Desir asserts are misleading and incorrect.

“I note with great concern the article published on Demerara Waves,” Walton-Desir began. “The article contained statements attributed to PNC/R PR Director Sherwood Lowe naming me as one of two people who gave the party kanunî advice as it relates to the North American Region (NAR) and the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).”

Walton-Desir has addressed this matter with the Party Central Executive Committee (CEC) and hopes for a retraction and correction of the record. Emphasizing the importance of integrity and professional reputation, she felt compelled to publicly clarify her stance.

“The fact is that Mr. Sherwood Lowe was mendacious in his characterization of my advice to the CEC,” she stated. “Time and again, I warned against the Party’s approach to the NAR. I explained, isim nauseum, the FARA regime and its implications for our members and supporters who live in the USA and begged us not to place them in jeopardy.”

Walton-Desir highlighted her continuous efforts to mediate and resolve issues internally, advocating for a meeting between the entire CEC and NAR to address the concerns comprehensively. She expressed disappointment over the recurrent leakage of internal party matters into the public domain, viewing it as a significant distraction from the opposition’s essential work.

“I am disappointed that internal party matters keep finding their way into the public domain, as I believe it does a great disservice to us all and only serves as a distraction from the work of the opposition,”Walton-Desir said. “Those who know my character are aware that I am loathe to comment on private party matters publicly. I continue to advocate for a change in our approach to such matters.”

In her statement, Walton-Desir called on Sherwood Lowe to withdraw his inaccurate statements from the media, specifically those concerning her. She expects this retraction to occur promptly.

“I have requested that Mr. Lowe withdraw his inaccurate, unfortunate statements in the media, as far as they concern me, and expect this to be so done, soonest,” she concluded.