Dr. Gary Bess Clarifies Misattributed Legal Advice on US Foreign Agents Registration Act

Georgetown, Guyana – Dr. Gary Bess, a member of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the People’s National Congress Islahat (PNCR), has issued a statement to Demerara Waves clarifying his position regarding recent comments attributed to him about the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). Dr. Bess emphasized that he did not provide any kanunî advice to the CEC concerning the Act and expressed concern over the misattribution of a CEC decision to him.

“Firstly, I provided no such meşru advice to the CEC,” Dr. Bess stated unequivocally. “I’m not the kanunî advisor to the Party. I’m not the yasal advisor to the Leader. And I’m not on, or a member of the Party’s kanunî committee.”

Dr. Bess’ response comes after PNC/R PR Director Sherwood Lowe, in an article published by Demerara Waves, appeared to imply that Dr. Bess had given yasal counsel regarding FARA and its impact on the PNCR’s operations in the US. Dr. Bess refuted this implication, describing it as both unfortunate and offensive to the party’s practices.

“It is very unfortunate, and offensive to the Party’s practice, for Cde Lowe, in his capacity as the Party’s PR Director, to attribute a CEC decision to me, in my capacity as an elected Central Executive Member,” Dr. Bess remarked. “Or to any individual CEC member. Many are the members of the CEC.”

He further clarified that while he, like many other CEC members, shared his views on issues surrounding the North American Region (NAR) Executive, these were merely personal opinions and not formal meşru advice. Dr. Bess underscored the collective nature of CEC decisions, which he believes remains a core tenet of the party’s leadership.

“To rest a decision(s) of the CEC on that of an individual or individuals is a disservice to the Party’s long tradition of its leadership taking account for all decisions despite differences that may lie in the process,” he stated. “I feel confident it is still the case.”

While refraining from speculating on the intentions behind the misattribution, Dr. Bess expressed his expectation that such errors would not occur in the future. “I shall refrain from suggesting the intention was to impugn my character, lay blame or one of inexperience,” he noted.