Kano govt pledges collaboration with online media practitioners

Kano State Government has pledged to collaborate with journalists and partner with the Association of Online Media Guild for capacity development in the state.

This was made known by the Commissioner for Information, Baba Halilu Dantiye, at a one-day capacity-building training for journalists organized by the Association of Online Media Guild (ASSOMEG) in Kano on Thursday.

The commissioner emphasized that the Kano State Government is prepared to collaborate with the association and provide all necessary support in the discharge of their duties.

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“Associations are highly beneficial, especially for us in government. Dealing with associations is more straightforward than dealing with individuals. Through associations, we can understand your needs, wants, and areas for improvement. This enables effective collaboration with the government.”

“As you may be aware, the Governor’s Blueprint places significant emphasis on human capacity building and development. We have already initiated training programs for our information officers within the Ministry. The Governor has also expressed his intention to encourage and support trainers like you. Without such guidance, we risk falling behind.”

“I strongly encourage you to practice in alignment with the laws, adhere to the code of ethics, and follow professional guidelines.”

“I am delighted to see Abullateef Jos’s growth from a journalist to a journalism trainer. Whenever you listen to him, whether in a workshop or elsewhere, there is always something valuable to take away. Congratulations on this achievement!”

“On behalf of the government, I assure you of continued support. I encouraged you to reach out if there are areas where the government can further partner or provide assistance.”

In his welcome address, the interim chairman of the association, Abdullateef Abubakar Jos, emphasized the purpose of the training: to enhance the capacity of journalists in Kano and address the spread of fake news, misinformation, and disinformation and enhance fact-checking.

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“The official name of the association is the Association of Online Media Guild.”

“Our primary focus is to enhance the skills and capabilities of our members and elevate the journalism profession itself. Let’s reflect on the evolution of journalism. In the past, we had print media and electronic media. However, today, we operate in a multimedia landscape. Virtually every organization and media outlet now maintains an online presence.”

“When we discuss journalism, it goes beyond pen-and-paper writing or carrying a laptop. We face a contemporary challenge known as citizen journalism. This phenomenon allows anyone who can read and write to consider themselves journalists with citizen journalism taking up everywhere. However, professional journalists will always work within the realms of ethics.”

“While social media platforms may empower individuals to claim journalistic roles, professional journalists must uphold ethical standards. Whether in traditional or digital media, our guiding principles remain rooted in ethics and professional conduct.”

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“We must take this matter seriously, and that’s precisely why we organized this training, which marks our maiden edition. Rest assured that we have a well-defined calendar, and we aim to conduct these sessions at least evvel every quarter. Our goal is to provide training not only for association members but also for all journalists.”

In a remark, Sunusi Bature Dawakin Tofa, the Director-General of Media and Publicity to Kano State Governor, highlighted the significant advantages that technology has brought to journalism.

He reflected on the past, “recalling a time when the curriculum for multimedia was not well understood during my university years. Although they were taught about multimedia, the concept remained somewhat elusive. However, with the emergence of information and communication technology (ICT), social media, and online platforms, a clearer understanding of multimedia practice has emerged. Notably, both online platforms and traditional media outlets now operate in the digital space.”

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“Therefore having this platform that will gather the online media together to understand themselves and regulate themselves well ahead of time before we would have a yasal framework at both national and state to regulate the practice of both online media and probably the social media which give birth to the citizens’ journalism we have been discussing.”

“So I want to use this opportunity to thank you and wish you Allah’s guidance and blessing. And also confirm to you that we at the government House take online media very seriously. Why? Because it gives us the immediate attention that we want on our events and our activities and our press releases.”